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Scotch banana

Sales of English blood set to boost economy


Untapped market set to thrive

English blood Justice

Stab someone and Scotland will stab

you right back


Justice system to be overhauled


Donald Trump buys Scotland


"It really didn't set me back that much."

Cigarettes to be renamed


Is it the only way to save us all?


Cigarettes Scotch panda

Panda kicked right in the sac by Labour

MP Joyce


Dismay at unprovoked attack at Edinburgh


Scotch vejazzle


Danny Alexander MP admits "weakness"


Cheesy Wotsit consumption at record high

Scotch phantom

76% of MSPs simply don't exist


Worrying stats show a nation duped

Scotch borders

Only one town to survive in the Borders


Excitement grows as competition looms

Scotch syringe

Vaccinate a nation


YES vote to see mass euphoria

Scotch Com Games

Scots "Frankenstein" athletes almost



Genetic freaks to bring home golds by

the sackful

Scotch Euthanasia

Euthanasia set to sweep the nation


Holyrood opts for extermination


       We have no idea what cookies are

Pizza Hut to "only sell burger pizza in



Controversial targeting of the obese

What crime does your town excel in?


Police Scotland identify the danger zones

Scotch pizza crime Scotch ally2 Scotch John collins2

McCoist turns to family to bolster team


Is the legend getting desparate?

Collins puts himself in the team


"I had no option"

River City2 murphy2

Cast members treated "like dogs"


BBC Scotland shaken to the core by allegations

MP Murphy loses his tiny mind


Jim now "incapable" of re-integrating back into society after exhausting campaign


Alexander1 proclaimers2 alex-salmond farage2

Alex Salmond is English


The Yes campaign hits the skids..

Farage to keep the UK together


Unlikely selection by Better

Together campaign


buchananst orange1

Orange Order march saves UK


Millions change to Better Together

Campaign images "doctored"


Yes leaders admit to computer

imagery use

time1 russia

Scotland's first new power unveiled


Nation to be given the power to bend time

Glasgow Councillors on Putin's payroll


City now a Russian stronghold

craig brown Glik2

Polish defender slates Scotland


Glik labels Scots "sh***y sh***y sh*t f**ks"

"Scotland will win World Cup"


Craig Brown bets the house on Scotland

scotch tricolours scotch fish

SFA ban tricolour from Celtic Park


Controversial move blasted by FAI

Michael Fish attacks Scottish weather


Respected weatherman turns air blue

Scotch barbie Scotch censored scotch sturgeon2 11_30_Andrew the Apostle scotch to be Scotch coo scotch murphy2 scotch one2 scotch fb scotch scotch enem2 scotch tennents scotch lib scotch rangers jimmy scotch lard scotch sink church scotch cummming scotch ronnie1 scotch nicola