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Deep-fried Toblerone set to take Scotland by Storm

Glasgow chip shop Grande e Grasso has created uproar amongst health chiefs by introducing a deep-fried Toblerone option to its menu. The east end institution has served up the infamous deep fried mars bar for decades but is now finding an increasing demand for something just a little more lardy.


Jocky Wilson, Scotland’s new Health Czar, has compered Grande e Grasso to a street corner drug-dealer by “starting off with the fairly harmless stuff, feeding the habit and then introducing the hard stuff."


”It’s a rocky road” Wilson concluded, though it was unclear if he was just predicting a future deep fried tray-bake offering.


The proprietor of the lengendary eatary has defended the business by saying that they are simply meeting demand and that if they didn’t provide it, punters would go elsewhere. “We can’t ignore market forces and we are strong on the principle here that the customer is always right. We did once have a punter ask for deep-fried lard and he was refused…though admittedly that was more due to metaphysical reasons.”


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