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Kirkcaldy falls into sinkhole

The jewel in the crown of the Kingdom of Fife has come to an untimely demise, with reports confirming that Kirkcaldy has fallen into a massive sinkhole, from which it is unlikely to be recovered from.


Kirkcaldy is known as one of Scotland’s most picturesque coastal resorts, with an astounding promenade and an unrivalled cheery demeanour exhibited by all that live there. Black Saturday (as it will forever be known) saw the entire town vanish from sight, with what is thought to be Eurpoe’s largest sinkhole taking a hold of its victims.


Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister and that, greeted the news with characteristic calmness, merely asking, "and?" when informed of the tragedy.


About 2 million tonnes of sand will be needed to fill the hole but once done it is thought that Scotland will benefit from Europe's largest pleasure beach.


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