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Lib Dems withdraw from Scotland

Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, has announced the end of all party activities in Scotland with immediate effect. The party will still participate in UK politics, but Rennie (not a medical man it should be noted) has diagnosed the party as "meeting all the criteria that define insanity."


Whilst that may seem a harsh call, it is inarguable that the party has been rubbish over and over again for decades, whilst seemingly expecting different results. Danny Alexander MP countered this claim recently however, stating that whilst the same mistakes are being made over and over again, the party did not expect different results.


"We accept that if were expecting different results then clinically we would be insane. That however, is not the case - we do not (and have never) expected our activities to in any way change in terms of the outcomes."


The decision stemmed from a recent cost-benefit exercise, where it was clearly proved that election results for the Lib Dems would actually improve if they were to cease all activity and retreat from front-line politics. "We're shit," clarified Rennie.


The conclusions of the internal enquiry into the feasibility of the Lib Dems can be seen on the accompanying graph.


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