Scotch and Proud


No reviews, just what we're listening to.....some new, some not

Beta Band - Inner Meet shortages of classics to choose from.


Beta Band - Won.......right, that's it, they can't all be Beta Band tracks.


Mogwai - Glasgow Mega Snake…...modesty prevents me from revealing this as my old school nickname.


Ruby - Paraffin……she has a song called Tiny Meat but we didn’t want to continue the childish theme.


The Phantom Band - The Wind That Cried The World  As we all know, the Wind Cried Mary but we'll let it pass. Numerous whooa whooa whooas contained herein.


James Yorkston - Fellow Man.......get the album this is off immediately, Good to hear hot scotch Tunstall pitching in too,


Colin Hay - Waiting for My Real Life to includes perfect demonstration of how playing the guitar will let you penetrate even the prettiest of ladies.


Belle and Sebastian - The State I Am In........could have been any of them.


Ed Muirhead - Ballad of Lorraine and Frank..........ah, them 2. Used to live next to my

Uncle Dave.


Hamish Imlach - Cod Liver Oil and the Orange Juice.........big man needs a big chair


Frightened Rabbit - The Woodpile.......big in America and that.


Ballboy - I Hate Scotland......reckon they were just having a bad day.


Calamateur - Son of Everyone.......clearly not feasible. (NB. select track no.1 on the list).


King Creosote - Favourite Girl.......the man has three hundred and eighteen albums.

There will be at least one song you like.


Book Group - Year of the Cat.....we don't like cats but will make an exception in this case.


LAW - a thin, female Anthony and the Johnsons with beats.


Randolph's Leap - Hermit....our prejudices against bands with punctuation marks

are put to one side


Delta Mainline - Florentine Regime.....all reviews will mention the word psychedelic.

Except this one.


Fortunate Sons - This Train.....hope this lot are still going. Brilliant, brilliant voice. If we could sing like anyone Scotch it would be Sam West.


Thrum - So Glad.....ok, we admit, going back a bit here. Always a winner for a mix tape to the bird.


Steve Mason - Oh My Lord.....ex-Beta Band man rarely misses. This link had a Colgate ad before the official video when we checked it. Whilst we don't wish to put our name to Colgate (and vice versa we presume), toothpaste in general is advised. Scotch and Proud average 12 fillings per contributor.


Pronto Mama - Rubber....if you don't end up singing along then your dead. Or just a dick.


The Meatmen - My a fair few pubs in Glasgow so get yourself there and enjoy.


Aidan Moffat and Bill Wells - Glasgow Jubilee.....Proper words. The link takes you to the Guardian website - what you do when there is entirely your own business.


Paul Buchanan - Mid-air.....pretty near perfect.


Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - Deus Ibi hot Scotch. One not.


Eagleowl - Motherfucker.....we will relax our militant stance against swearing in this case.


Lone Pigeon - Concubine idea what any of this means.


Malcolm Middleton - My Delerium.....most of his music isn't Ladyhawke covers. This is though.


Haggis Horns - Got to Lose Your Way....Scotch but sounds not. Thinking the singer isn't though.


John Martyn - Johnny Too Bad.....late Scotchman goes all Jimmy Cliff.


Sienna - This Love of Mine.....wish we'd had the good sense and talent to join a band at this age.


Laki Mera - Running up that hill.....get it up ye Bush.


Adam Holmes and the Embers - Fire in the Sun.....bearded Scotch of a growing number.













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