Scotch and Proud


Proclaimers say No Thanks

In a switch of allegiance the like of which has not been seen since the days of Mo Johnstone, the Proclaimers have sensationally done a massive switcheroo and fled from the YES campaign. With the YES campaign reaching unprecedented levels of support in the polls, it seems the bespectacled Leith brothers  have re-evaluated their stance and chosen instead to embrace the Union. Their justification and only comment to the press so far by way of explanation has been, "we’ve been living a lie." It's concerning to note that this was also the reasoning given by Frank/Kellie Maloney when recently entering the Big Brother house dressed as an odd-looking man/woman


Craig and Charlie Reid have in many ways been the YES campaign's high-profile spearhead, along with the Scottish political heavyweight and philosopher, John Barrowman. As such, this huge turnaround will no doubt send shockwaves across Scotland, the repercussions of which cannot be underplayed. The identical twins' stance could not have previously been clearer and as far back as 1988, their hit song "Cap in Hand" not only declared that they can "tell the difference between margarine and butter" but also that they "can’t understand why we let someone else rule our land." Both considered at the time to be very wise statements indeed.


Accusations are rife on social media of bribery, corruption and Hibs related hoodoos and it is not thought that the brothers will ever be able to appear again in their beloved Scotland. To which they have retorted, "Thank Fuck."