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YES campaign using fake images

It initially looked like the whole of Glasgow was packed into Buchanan Street today, with huge swathes of YES supporters turning the city centre into a mass call for independence. The BBC however rightly chose not to air any of these images, after uncovering a plot sinister enough to make us all question our very existence. And that of the corporation.


Twitter and that were awash with claims that thousands of YES-vangelists had taken over Glasgow, in a show of support that convinced many of the momentum of Alex Salmond's crusade. The photos showed a landscape of YES flags covering the streets like a shitty blue duvet but closer inspection of the images has shown the truth to be only too different.


It would now seem that previous suspicion of Nicola Sturgeon's close relationship with Avatar-director, James Cameron, was bang on the money. There were not in fact thousands of YES campaigners showing their support for independence. There were only 17 and the rest of the carefully constructed images were put together with a complex set of visual effects, including photorealistic computer-generated characters. The image on the left highlights those that are in fact not people.


It's not clear where this leaves the YES campaign but there are concerns that if they can make up actual images in the street, what could they do to polling cards? Although David Blaine's career in America is fading, he was seen lurking around Holyrood recently, which only added fuel to the speculation that nothing is what it seems and whatever happens should be reversed in the interests of fairness.


We do not wish to in any way cause panic. DO NOT PANIC. But panic.