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Brown says Scotland are "unbeatable"

In an extraordinary leap of faith, Craig Brown, the Godfather of average Scottish football, has declared that he sees Scotland as being "unbeatable" at the next World Cup. So sure is Brown of Scotland's forthcoming dominance that he has placed a "significant sum of money" on the team returning from the Russian World Cup as victors.


Friends and colleagues have already expressed concern at Mr. Brown's betting history and are now in disbelief that he has staked both his home and his reputation (the value of both of which remain undisclosed) on Scotland taking an unprecented leap to become the best team in the world.


It would not be appropriate to suggest the Brown has lost his marbles, nor to suggest that his latest prediction is in line with previous levels of misplaced optimism. Paddy Power have given some backing to Brown by stating that "if Russia's continued aggravation of the West continues, it could well lead to an international boycott of the 2018 World Cup. If this is the case and top international sides choose not to participate then Scotland's chances could increase."


"Indeed, with Scotland's increasing use of renewable energy and lack of reliance on Russian gas, there seems to be less of a chance of fallout with Putin's regime. If this is the case and the World Cup ends up only being contested by Russia and Scotland alone, then you’d have to say that Scotland are in with a chance. If that was the case, then we would put Scotland's odds at 18-1". Paddy Power have previously shown to have an almost telepathic insight into global political issues and as such their views should be not taken lightly.


Steven Fletcher, sticky-out eared Scotland striker, has declared Brown's comments as "the incoherent ramblings of a lost soul and degenerate gambler." Gordon Strachan was less generous in his summation, labelling Brown a "daft bastard".


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